Flights to Plantation, FL: Experience the Suburban Charm of South Florida

Greetings, intrepid globetrotters, and welcome to your next adventure – the beautiful city of Plantation, Florida! This is not just another ticket booking page. No, dear travelers, this is your ticket to palm trees, stunning coastlines, and tropical adventures!

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Plantation may not have its own airstrip, but don't fret! Two nearby airports are ready and waiting to take you under their wings. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is a scant 13 miles east, while Miami International Airport (MIA) is a further 33 miles south. From round trip flights to last minute flights, these airports have your back like a Floridian hammock.

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So, who will be your trusty steed for your journey? Delta, United, American Airlines - they all call FLL and MIA home and are ready to whisk you off to the tropical oasis of Plantation.

The journey begins

But what about once you land, I hear you ask? From FLL, you can use Broward County Transit's Route 1 to get to Central Terminal Bay C1. Then, transfer to Route 30 and you'll be in Plantation in no time! From MIA, take Metrobus Route 150 to Airport Station, then hop on the Tri-Rail north to the Fort Lauderdale Station. From there, you can catch Route 22 and sail smoothly into Plantation.

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